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Oh. My. God…

I thought I’d seen some really STUPID shit (err… “accessories”) for an AR-15, but this one just might top them all: the Doublestar Dragon “flash hider.” Watch this video and see for yourself how well it DOESN’T hide the flash…

Flash enhancer

At least the name – Dragon – makes sense for a flame thrower. But there’s more. From DS’s own web page:

The Dragon one of the most innovative designs to hit the AR15 market, but it also serves as a very effective compensator. This ½ x 28 tpi suppressor will surely draw attention at any range!

Uhmmm… no, no, and maybe…

First of all, the only innovative thing about it is they found out a way to make people actually want to buy the damn thing. Second, the way a compensator works is by having a flat plate for the gas to blast into, pushing the barrel forward, giving a forward push to the gun and compensating for the rearward push of the recoil. The Dragon doesn’t have this, so DS is either lying or they don’t know WTF they’re talking about. Finally, yes it will probably draw attention at the range… but unless you hang out with mall ninjas, it probably won’t be the good kind of attention.

I suppose if you were in a real SHTF situation and really needed a harpoon, the spikes on the back would allow you to use your rifle as a harpoon. Other than that, this is the dumbest “accessory” I’ve ever seen for the AR platform. And to think just 2 months ago the YHM “Annihilator” looked like the peak of stupidity… Kudos to DS for topping that one:)

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Updated: October 13, 2017 — 8:57 pm

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