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Oh. My. God…

I thought I’d seen some really STUPID shit (err… “accessories”) for an AR-15, but this one just might top them all: the Doublestar Dragon “flash hider.” Watch this video and see for yourself how well it DOESN’T hide the flash… Flash enhancer At least the name – Dragon – makes sense for a flame thrower. […]

Sold 2 guns…

I know I’ll regret it (I always do) but I sold two of my AR-15 rifles this past weekend. I didn’t really have a choice – the note was due on our rental property and if I hadn’t paid it off my wife would have killed me. We were about $1000 short, so selling the […]

Slip 2000 EWL vs FrogLube

When I tried out the FrogLube CLP on my cheap AR15 I was pretty happy with the performance but I did have some concerns, like its (in)compatibility with other lube and cleaning products. After reading the story about the Filthy 14 (a BCM mid-length carbine with an ungodly number of rounds through it) I thought I’d give […]

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