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Slip 2000 EWL vs FrogLube

When I tried out the FrogLube CLP on my cheap AR15 I was pretty happy with the performance but I did have some concerns, like its (in)compatibility with other lube and cleaning products. After reading the story about the Filthy 14 (a BCM mid-length carbine with an ungodly number of rounds through it) I thought I’d give […]

Semi Scale Rifles

How I learned to Stop Worrying and Just Build What I Like I’ll admit to an obsession a strong preference for ‘authentic’ (i.e. ‘mil spec’, NSN, etc) parts and I absolutely HATE ‘tacticool’ AR-15’s. So naturally I’m drawn to the clone segment – rifles that are built to look as close as possible to actual military issued rifles. […]

FrogLube CLP

Life used to be simple – at least for cleaning and lubing guns. Just use Hoppe’s solvent, Hoppe’s gun oil, and be done with it. Of course back then my guns were either single shot, bolt action, or pumps – no semiautos. Today things are more complicated. Most of my guns are semiauto, and there […]

More man toys coming…

I couldn’t resist – after reading so much on the raging debate over AR15 poly lowers I had to get one to see for myself… People seem to love them or hate them, no middle ground (seems to be that way about a lot of things in thhe AR15 world…). The haters do have a […]

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